Joel Cook – Bailiff and Jury Administrator
816-324-3921 Ext 1, Option 7

P.O. Box 318, Savannah, MO 64485

Andrew County is a two step county which means for step one, questionnaires will be sent out quarterly. You are required to send the questionnaires back to the jury office within 10 days.

Nothing further is required unless you receive a summons (step two) to appear for a jury trial. The summons will tell you when and where to report. It is important to take the summons seriously because a person who fails to appear or respond may be guilty of civil contempt, enforceable by an order to show cause for the failure to comply and by a fine up to $500. There will be a number to call on the summons the evening before the trial to see if the trial is going. Please be sure to call.

You may be excused if you have served on a jury within the preceding two years. The Judge in the case will determine whether to excuse anyone for any other reason. You must contact the jury administrator in a timely manner if you wish to be excused.

People are selected for jury service at random from the Missouri Department of Revenue’s driver’s license records and from voter registration rolls.

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