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P.O. Box 208
Savannah, MO 64485

Phone: 816-324-4221 Ext 6

On the main level of the courthouse

Are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, except all legal holidays


Alyssa Beattie
Chief Deputy

Documents are available online at

You will need to contact iCounty Technologies at 816-295-1540 to be able to view and subscribe.

The mission of the Andrew County Recorder of Deeds office is to record, maintain and retrieve original copies of documents under its domain for authorized public uses while making the most efficient and effective use of public resources.


Recording Time Policy
No documents shall be recorded after 4:00 PM each business day.  Documents presented for recording after 4:00 PM will be recorded, in the order received, commencing at 8:00 AM the following business day.  Those presenting time-sensitive documents should allow sufficient time for staff to inspect the documents for conformance with Missouri recordation format requirements (RSMo Chapter 59, et al).



  • Record and maintain Real Estate documents.
  • Issue and maintain Marriage Licenses.
  • File and maintain State and Federal Tax Liens.
  • File and maintain Military Discharge documents.

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