Bad checks

Monica Morrey
Prosecuting Attorney 

P.O. Box 377
Savannah, MO 64485

Received a bad check?

In order to turn over a bad check for prosecution, you must fill out a Bad Check Complaint Form provided by this office. After doing so, you should submit the completed Bad Check Complaint Form along with the returned check to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Prosecutor’s Office will then send a ten-day letter to the check writer. If the check is paid, payment will be forwarded to the business that accepted the check. However, if payment is not made within ten days of the letter, the Prosecutor will then attempt to prosecute the bad check writer.

At times, prosecution of bad checks is not possible. This occurs when the bad check writer is not able to be identified, if the check was post-dated or held, if the check is a third party check or if there is no social security number and/or date of birth for the check writer.

The Andrew County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will do everything possible to assist with the collection of a bad check. Please feel free to contact the Prosecutor’s Office at 816-324-3535 with any questions you may have.