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Monica Morrey
Prosecuting Attorney 

P.O. Box 377
Savannah, MO 64485

If you have been a victim of a crime, the Andrew County Prosecuting Attorney’s office is here to serve you and answer your questions.

After criminal charges have been filed, there may be several court dates ahead for a defendant before the defendant decides to plead guilty or request a trial.  One of these court dates could be a docket call.  A docket is a list of cases as they appear on the court’s calendar.  Defendant appears at a docket call in court as their case appears on the docket.  At that time, the defendant may set a date for a plea or set a date for other legal action.

If you attend any court proceeding, please report to our office first, so we will be aware that you are present in the courtroom.

You may be contacted by the defense attorney or a private investigator hired by the defense attorney.  We cannot advise you to refuse to speak with persons connected with the defendant, but please know that you do have the right to refuse if you so desire.  Additionally, you may request that the prosecuting attorney be present when you are questioned. We know the court process can be a confusing and frightening time for crime victims. If you have any questions or need assistance of any kind, please contact the prosecuting attorney’s office directly.

The links below will provide you with some basic information:

  • Andrew County Crime Victims’ Rights Form
    • If you desire to exercise any or all of your constitutional rights as a crime victim, this form should be completed and returned to this office immediately. You are welcome to send it via e-mail it to, mail it to P.O. Box 377, Savannah, Missouri 64485, or bring it to the office of the prosecuting attorney which is located on the 2nd floor of the Andrew County Courthouse at 411 Court Street, Savannah, Missouri 64485.

We need to receive this form as soon as possible, along with documentation, so we can advise the court of your damages or loss. Please be aware that anything provided to our office is subject to the rules of discovery and a copy may be made available to defendant.